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    New Mods

    For those of you who havent noticed yet... a few new mods have been added to help keep this site moving forward in a positive way.

    BIG THANK YOU to both Todd(ZooKeeper) and Gail(MomRules) for accepting this challenge.

    BristleWorm (recently changed his nick to confuse you all) is now known as ZooKeeper. Todd has been added to the Classified Ads and FragSwap forums. Most of you already know Todd...he is one of the few members lucky enough to have an aquarium in his office!!!


    MomRules aka Gail has been added to the ARRG forum to give Barry_c a hand(not that you need any help Barry). Gail is one of the key ARRG memebers(president I think) who has been working extra hard at making sure everything is organized!!! Way to go Gail!!

    Till next time... Happy Reefing!!


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    Congrat's to the above!

    Keep up the tedious and great work!

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    thanks for clearing all that up - i was wondering who ZooKeeper was.
    Congrats to the both of you on your upgrade.
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    That means Gail will be able to play "Ad Police" in the AARG forum ... :thumb:

    Congrats on the promotion Gail and Todd !

    Van impdaddy
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    Oh crap! Ad police! Now I can't give you such a hard time Reef Van!
    Gail in Nova Scotia

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    Gail, you fogot to call last night and pick up your ballast & bulb!

    Patience is a virtue.

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    Sheesh!! I know I'm often late at reading things but congrats anyways!!! I'm also glad this whole Zookeeper thing is cleared up for me now. I too was wondering who he was and I DID notice he was using Todd's avatar. Why did he change his name??

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