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    Installation of a Sump

    I have a 90 Gal tank without any sump. I have two hanging PS (one Berlin and one CPR Backpack).

    I am thinking about installing a 35 Gal Sump using the Berlin PS. I do not have any plans to drill holes in the main tank. Any suggestions or help or cost estimates is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Installation of a Sump

    I've been using a SOS overflow from tidepool. No drilling the tank required. The one very important thing to remember is the return has powerehead has to be strong in order to work properly and not have to worry about the overflow stopping due to air bubbles. I'm using a rio that pump 600 gal.

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    Re: Installation of a Sump

    hi lawnmower_goby
    my set up also uses a tide pool sos (thanks to jeff_d) so far no troubles with wet floors one tip i would recommend is connecting a silicone blue hose to a power head and  have it run up in side the siphon tube this will pull out all the air that collects my return is a mag 9.5 i dont see a lot of air in the tube but dont want to chance it. the small suction from the power head removes all traces of air.

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