Me Again,

For those of you who patiently waited for your aquariums.... they arrived today. *I've contacted most of you by phone and/or email to arrange pickup or delivery. *

Please let me know what you think of the investment,  service, and price.... all the good stuff. *Its always nice to know the things you do right and the things you could improve on.

For those of you who havent placed an order and are interested in purchasing an aquarium, I ordered a few extras on the crate. *We have a couple 90's, a 33 and a couple 35 gallon sumps. *I've attached a few pics below.

90 Gallon Pic 1

90 Gallon Pic 2

35Gal Sump Pic 1

35Gal Sump Pic 2

I'll get a few picsture of the 33 gallon up tomorrow night. *Let me know if you want dibs on any of these instock items.

Happy Reefin