this product really works great for my 40g sps tank, i dose 10ml every week its got calcium & strontium, zink, iodine as well magnisum. i just noticed the coloration of my sps frag really makes brigther than ever before of what im using this biocal. and also you could see the extention of polyps on its body of my sps sticking out so crazy. for the first week im using this product i thought its not going to do well on my tank and i thought this is just like kents product but within a few weeks i could tell the diffirences between of my corals than im using those kents & tropic bio cal way lots improvement, 2 of my millies its gone wild the polyps so long and one of my brain coral almost dying darn it looks like recovering from tissue resistant now. i just want to thanks to pat " aka redbelly our fellow co memeber here and sponsor too" man this product its so amazing you guys gotta use this fauna marin ultra power trace.:b2: