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    PERC, if your tank was ''exactly'' the same as MS's then they wouldn't change color. but different lamps, different height, different water and the stress of just being moved will affect SPS. they normally bounce back if conditions are good. cheers
    p.s. also forgot to add, hope you check/QT for red bugs because thats the first sign I noticed when I had them. browning of corals and reduced polyp extention.

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    No red bugs Johnny. The browning is not on all my corals, just a select few. Some from MS, one from AC. I have some very nicely coloured corals, but there is a browning issue on just some. I like Kenzy's idea of lowering the lights for a while to see what that does. Maybe more intensity without more hydro would help.

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    Okay I haven't finished my first cup of coffee, but I did shell out for the ignitor to make my cooltouch a pusle start instead of a probe start.

    Everything I'd researched about it told me that a pusle start gives you more options lamp wise over a probe start. Did I just miss the point about a probe start giving a higher PAR & working better with XM lamps?

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    Is a TAR ballast the same thing as a probe start ballast? I know the pulse start costs more for the upgrade. Is thsat the difference, or is it something else?

    I received this back from J&L aquatics when I inquired with them:

    "The TAR ballast will fire XM bulbs no trouble at all. The problem comes in if you ever move to another brand (same K temperature) and want to try to fire that. The TAR ballast will have trouble with most higher k bulbs from Europe. For this reason, I recommend that you purchase a Pulse start ballast."

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    Yep tar/cap and coil/probe start are all the same animal. A probe start is a capacitor and a coil, and a pulse start is a capacitor,coil and a starter/ignitor. Most MH lamps have an internal starter and are usually for probe start ballasts, while others like the Euros lamps need a starter from the ballast. For what ever reason eletronic ballasts can usually fire both types of lamps.

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