I picked up a 10" and a 6" ducted fan at princess auto in ottawa over the weekend. the 10" was 75$ isntead of like 130? and the 6" was 55$ instead of 95$. they look like the vortech I already have, but these have a plastic housing.. but the inside ( impellers and motors ) seem identical.. and at about 1/5 of the price !!

they also have a 4" model for 35$ !!

the 10" pushes 400cfm the 6" 270cfm.. and i'm not sure about the 4" I think it was 170cfm.

I'll be using them in the garage for venting out fumes etc.

There was about 20boxes left. they are at the complete opposite end of the entrance. right at the corner where the surplus items are. they are green and are in a cardboard box.

who ever has a sump room should check these out if they have a humidity problem.

Cheers !

they look like this: