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    tempered or not ? how to find out !

    found this on the net, thought some of you might like to know
    it does make sence when you think about it too.

    "Reading the attached response I recalled a nice tip that I used when
    drilling my own glass aquarium.
    You can easily identify whether a piece of glass has been tempered or not by
    using 2 polar lenses. I used a camera polar lens and a polarized lens from
    a pair of cheap sunglasses.
    Place a lens on each side of the glass and rotate one while looking through
    it. If the glass is tempered you will notice a distinctive pattern that
    shows as you rotate the lens that was formed when the glass was tempered. If it isn't tempered, it will just look clear. Try it out on
    an automobile window that is marked as safety glass to see what the pattern
    is like that you are looking for."

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    I have also heard this before but did not confirm it at that time. tempered glass was rarely used on tanks back then. If it can be confirmed as a good test it will come in handy for anyone who is thinking about having their tank drilled.

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    You could also just hit it with a hammer... if it shatters in a million pieces... chances are it was tempered... else... it wasn't. :wink5:

    Wait a minute!!! this will only work if you have 2 pieces of the same glass.. LOL

    IJO :loser:

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    Ivan, you should demonstrate your technique when Liv is about to install his front pane.

    He will thank you later for the education.
    Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn't get it.

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    The real question is .. Will my breakage rate be considered as being "HIGH" if I start testing tanks with a hammer BEFORE I drill them?

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