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Thread: to drill a tank

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    to drill a tank

    Hi you all.
    I'am in the process of obtaining another tank.....
    My question is?
    are all tank drillable?.....since I'am buying a second hand tank
    how can one tell if it can be done.
    and who would be able to Drill my tank here in ottawa.
    thanks :speedbana

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    I posted a note in the DIY forum this weekend about this exact thing
    not all tanks are drillable, most older tanks are as they didn't use tempered glass.
    the best trick is to find out what kind of glass it is, if you have some polarising filters for cameras its pretty easy to identify. if you know the model of tank you have, you can always call up the manufacturer and ask. I can drill your tank .. but would be better if you could bring it over to my place. 20$ for a 2 1/2" hole.

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    Ya, try and find the manufacturer of the tank and ask them.. For the most part, tanks are usually tempered on the bottem, but I wouldn't risk it just in case.. There really isn't anyway to tell by looking at the glass either.. Liv did post this as he said.. .. That might work...

    I just finally got a response back from Hagen about my tank, and they said "All of our glass on all our aquariums is made of non-tempered glass. Which you can drill a hole in." So that is good..

    I am sure liv would do a great job, but I see he is in QC.. In Ottawa i would contact Rob (One Salty Dog) as I have heard he does a great job...

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    Thats good to know that all the glass on Hagen tanks is non tempered. I always assumed the bottom pane was, so always drilled on the back pane! Who will test that for us? LOL

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    If panes on tanks are tempered it is usually the bottom pane only.
    Yes I do drill tanks in Ottawa.

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