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    question about drilling a tank

    I just got a 65g tank (thanks phil)
    and I was thinking about having it drill.
    I see many different set up on the way people have their tanks
    is there a best method or set up which would anybody recomend.
    ex. drill the back panel or to drill the bottom as an overflow system.
    has anybody have any recomendations on how I would go about
    and the equipment I need to buy for the set up. Like bulk heads
    and return pump.
    thanks in advance. :speedbana

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    PM One Salty Dog. Hes the local hole driller for a good price. He'll guide you in the best way to drill your tank, more then likely through the back.

    Check out this link to "The Overflow"

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    no prob Miguel, good luck with your new tank

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    I would be carefull with drilling the bottem of the tank. Most of the time companies temper the glass in the bottem to make it stronger. I would also check and make sure that none of the other glass is tempered just to be safe... Chances are it's not, especially with a 65G.

    That being said, if you are only able to drill the back of the tank, then it would seem the most popular type of overflow would be the OSD overflow like this.

    Here is another pic that OSD made to show how it would work.. The top one is if you drilled the bottem and used a standpipe. The bottem one is the way I think you will need to go with.

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