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    Its time to make a top off system?

    Ok guys. Im starting to get tired of toping off the water in my tank the old way. that is to do it myself.

    Id like some ideas please. I have room to go with a gravity system and this might be the cheapest also. But how reliable would this set up be? I dont want to have water all over the floor. Been there done that. replaced our kitchen ceiling as a result of my WIFE leaving the ro unit running to fill top off containers.

    What im thinking is to just have a float in my sump and run a line to a container that keeps the water level constent in the sump?

    Id say im using maybe 5 gallons a week at this time in my 50 gallon set up.

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    Have you seen the top-off controllers which tang_man makes? They are well done and work great.

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    It is true, I also have one.

    He has great service too, so no worries about the units either.

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    Auto Top Up

    I also would be interested in any ideas you may have on how to make a cheap top off unit.

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    I use a Tunze Osmolator, though not cheap it has never failed me...

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    You can check with PWALL, but, if you have room a gravity fed (air locked) one is very reliable as long as you have good tight connections.

    Pat was using a 20 Gallon drum with a 1/2" rigid line for the water and air lines.

    You need to have a shut off valve on the water line and you need a removeable cap to fill it with. Pat did have an issue once where the cap was slowly leaking air and continuously filling the sump. He caught it before anything was badly wrong.

    Alternately, you can setup an open gravity fed system with a float valve or a float switch and a solenoid.

    I use a powered system. A MaxiJet 1200 in a home built 8 gallon reservoir sits beside my sump in the stand. A float switch, running 12 VDC controls a relay, which controls the MaxiJet. I simply spliced the setup into the AC cord of the MaxiJet. I intend to add a duplicate float switch for safety, but, it has been running well for several months now.

    If you want to go ready built, Tang Man's are quite nice and only a little more expensive than buying parts. Depends on whether you a) want to save the money or b) like to build stuff yourself.
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    I've used 2 different mothods of 'top-up' systems.
    For about a year, I used a gravity system that also used a vacumm to control flow. Basically (as cres has mentioned), I used a 20g container that was air tight. There was a 1/2 hose from the top of the container that went down into the sump..the end of the hose sits at the water line.
    Another line taped into the container near the bottom and would allow the water to flow from the container into the sump (I used 1/4 hose).
    So...when the water level in the sump went down, air would be allowed to enter the 1/2" hose and thus into the container. Water would then exit the container via the 1/4" hose into the sump. As the water level in the sump went up, it closed off the air flow in the 1/2" hose, and water flow stopped.
    It was extremely important to make sure it is 100% air-tight; if not, you could end up with a mess on the floor.
    Drawback to this system is you still have to manually fill the container....and I never ever never left the RO/DI unit on while filling the container....never!

    The other method that I have tried and still using, is the system tang_man_montreal put's together. It automically keeps the water level in the sump at the correct level, and when my 23h top-up container needs refilling, the unit allow water to flow thru the RO/DI unit and re-fill the top-up container. Basically, I no longer touch the auto-up system...period.

    My choice between the two....if you have no much spare money to spend, then the vacuum system is cheap and works well. However, if you can afford it (and it's not expensive anyways) go with an automated top-up system like what tang_man_montreal offers.

    Sorry for going on for so long.
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    everybody keeps recommending tang mans product.... any diagrams or pictures? Price? I'm interested
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReefBizz
    everybody keeps recommending tang mans product.... any diagrams or pictures? Price? I'm interested

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