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Thread: A little help

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    A little help

    Where can a find a Beckett . home depot around here dont have them

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    im not sure what kind o bracket your looking for specifically
    after home deopt's plumbing section i would check out pool/hottub stores
    looks like your looking for a pond pump stuf so even landscaping places that sell pond equipment
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    I think he wants the beckett injector.
    IJO ( site owner ) sells them. pm him.

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    Is it a basket your looking for?

    I have some baskets(strainers) that will go over the nozzle of the fountainhead. That way you won't suck up a fish. I use the fountain pump to move water from the basement to the mainfloor fish tank. I don't use the strainers that come with it because I am only moving water TO the fish tank and not FROM the fish tank (I don't have anything to strain).

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