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Thread: PLC controller

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    PLC controller

    So I have decided that as I gather the parts for my upgrade I really need to have a controller. I have put my hands on a PLC (programmable logic controller) a color touch screen interface and lots of inputs and outputs. Now since I am a PLC programmer I thought I could probably handle the programming side.

    Now my question is, what would everybody like to controll in their tanks and what whould you like the controller to do? I am trying to get as many good ideas as possible into my design before I put it together so I don't have a DOH! moment later.

    I am planning on the standards such as turning the lights on and off but thats just boring. I am looking for any and all suggestions. Also if anyone has any links on where to find probes or sensors that will create a 4-20ma signal that would be great.

    So in total I will have up to
    32 inputs (switches, buttons, etc)
    40 outputs (relays for pumps, lights)
    8 analog inputs (PH probe, temperature) If I can find probes
    2 analog outputs (variable speed.....?)

    And the ability to remotely connect to do/see everything.

    And 1 color touch screen to activate/deactivate, display, graph.... (pretty much anything) as well as record to a trending file.

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    What PLC are you using?? I have a small GE micro PLC that I have been debating on how to best use it. Unfortunately it has no internal clock and no analogs so it is a little limited.

    Also what touch screen are you using?

    I love the "Geek Factor" of this kind of project


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    It is a siemens 227xm and a tp270.

    As for the "geek" factor I am not sure I agree. This is what I program and do for a living so when the hardware was free why go out and spend $600 on an aqua controller that can't do things the way I want?

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    LOL I just finished a project with a 226 processor and I detest the programing software.

    as far as the "Geek Factor" statement it is just that I love it when I see someone take stuff from outside the reefing realm especially when it is to do with automation and apply it to their aquarium and when I try and explain what I do for a living people get that blank look on their faces that shows that they have no clue what you are talking about.

    I have learned that the explanation that most people understand is when I tell them that "I take my magic box and make it turn things on when other things happen". LOL

    Any how best of luck on your project

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