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    sump/refugium questions

    I've been wanting to add one to my 90 g reef for a while now and have been reading as much info on the subject here and on other sites as well. I finally found a plan that appeals to me, the refugium is the full width across the front 28" long, 5" wide and 15.5" high. I decided on this particular plan cause i have a 25 g i want to mod for this and i already have lights for it. The other half of the tank has a bubble tower in the corner through which most of the water is supposed to come into, and the skimmer section followed by 3 baffles an inch apart and finally the return area.

    Now I understand that the bubble tower and the baffles are meant to remove those little bubbbles from getting into the main display that are produced both by the water coming into the sump and the protein skimmers action, ok that much i get. But there is also water coming into the refugium (even if it is a lesser water flow) so some bubble must be in here as well so why haven't i seen a single refugium with a bubble tower too ? And what confuses me even more is that most (if not all) refugiums i've seen drain directly into the return area between the teeth at the top of the baffle, doesn't that cause more bubbles ?

    I was thinking of instead of making my bubble tower in the back left hand side of the tank, to make it against the wall that will didvide the sump and refugium. So instead of having 2 walls with teeth at the bottom, it would have 3 walls with teeth at the bottom, 2 sides open to the skimmer area and 1 to the refugium, I'd also add a baffle about 4" high to keep the sand away from that opening.

    I'm strictlly in the planning phase right now and don't plan on beginning building it for at least another month, so your opinions and insight would be greatly welcomed, thanks and sorry for making it so long.

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    Typically the refugium is pretty good at stopping little bubbles from passing through, so, a bubble tower to feed the refugium is a little redundant. I don't see how you are feeding the refugium here, so, I have to guess it is from the drain from the display. A picture of your design would greatly help here.

    If the water falls far enough from the refugium edge (where the teeth are) to the return section, then yes, you can cause bubbles to be pumped into the display. Often people add baffles here to help reduce bubbles. I was able to set mine up such that a) the fall from the refugium to the return water level was only about 2" and that section is about 18" deep with water (my sump is a 65 gallon tank) and b) I angled the slots down toward the return and nearly all the water flows down the side of the refugium instead of splashing.

    At the end of the skimmer section, I like to advocate Under-Over-Under baffles to a) help keep the floating oils and proteins in the skimmer section and b) not have water fall from the last baffle to the return section.
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