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    Talking Free!!! Endcap Mounts

    Alright so i got the endcaps from IJO, and went to home depo to pick up some Acrylic to make some mounts.. when they had none.. so i wondered around the store looking for somthing to use.. and came up with this!.. lol and best part is they are free!

    Home Depo Paint stir sticks! im going to Mount 3 on on and then 2 on another.. just started.. did one so far.. just to show you the ideas!

    Basicly Paint the sticks white to match the canopy.. drill the holes and then Use a counter sink to get a flush look.. sand it alittle bit.. and wella! .. done.. Then just scew the wooden mounts into the canopy! ..

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    That's using your head...great idea...

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    Use the search engine, here's a waterproof and warp-proof solution from our own DIY section ...

    Van impdaddy
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    Great DIY find Mike!!!


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    Do you think the salt would eat the wood on that HD paint stick?
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    Going to paint it white.. and then Urathain..( sp ) but other than that.. the salt would not eat at it anymore than it would eat the insides of our canopies...

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