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    halfway done diy stand

    Me and a friend started to build my stand for a 90 gallon. After I decide not to buy one at the store. I found they where priced to high and not the look I was looking for. Then one night I sat down with a friend and had a couple of beers and asked him if I could use his shop and expert advice in making a stand. The plans where great and then we started. We are only halfway done but I find it looks great. I'm going to post some pictures of it just to get some feedback. Thanks all for your feedback in advance. I tried to post the pictures here but don't know how. I uploaded them in set up and equipment uploads. Hope to hear from you all soon. Until then cheers.. :beer: :jump3:

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    man that looks sick, i'm jealous

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    Very nice - though I would call it full custom and not DIY hyeah:

    I am going to be starting a 125 stand shortly - could you post a pic of the internal bracing you are using?

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    Your stand looks great so far. Its always nice to have friends with tools & a shop to help you build things.
    Looking forward to seing the tank on the finished stand.

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