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    help me make a decision

    I'm building a cube tank, and i need some advice on size.

    I have a table that is 24x24, but i doubt its strong enough to hold 60g since its from ikea...

    so i was thinking something smaller

    it will be made out of glass. I have a 24" (65W) PC fixture to be used on it, and will primarily house LPS and softies.

    sooo, i need opinions on the dimensions to do it.

    i was thinking 24x18x18 or 22x18x18, just so the fixture doesnt look stupid on it

    22" would be nice cause then i can put a dual tube flourecent fixture on it for extra lighting.

    but i've always wanted a true cube too, which would be 18x18x18

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    What about 24x24x18? Almost a cube. 45G compared to 33G for the other sizes.

    I think I have one of those Ikea tables. I had a 10G tank on it for a while and had no problems. However, I share your concerns about the strength for a 60G size. One problem with the 18" cube is that all of the weight would be on the top 'shelf' since the legs are in the corners. That's why was wondering if the 24x24x18 might be safer - placing more of the wieght directly over the legs.

    The other option would be to find a different stand. Have your seen the photos tang_man just posted of the 60G tank stand he is building? Looks very nice.

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    that would look pretty darn sweet, but this is for my apartment at school so i wouldn't think that a tank that size would be economical, let alone fit into my room with everything else

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    one more option would be 22x22x18.. a stubby cube... lol

    i'm trying to keep the gallonage low so i dont need a brace, chances are i'll put one in anyway though

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    If your going to put a brace there then just do it anyways
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    Pics -->

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    Given the price of lumber, I'd just make the stand you need...

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I have no tools, other wise i'd love to.... and again, i'm trying to minmalize amount of things in my dorm room, i only have a sedan, it'll be hard to carry all that stuff from home to school.

    i've decided to go with the stubby cube, will post pictures when i get started

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