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    Cleaning magnets "Magna Sweep" RUSTING

    I seen that some of you guys leave the cleaning magnet in the tank.I just found out today that mine is rusting :-( It was bought new 3 month ago.
    It is made by Penn-Plax.Everything in the tank seems fine so far(no fish).
    Should i be concern about something here?

    P.S. maybe check yours if it is in the tank.

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    What's on it that's rusting? Most I've seen are in a plastic case.

    I never keep mind in the tank for what's it's worth. Well, at least the tank at home.
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    It is indeed in a plastic enclosure.The rust is coming from under the scrubbing pad somewere.I just tried to scrub the rust off and it is stuck/stained there.Like i said my main concern is my display tank.I'm gonna run test today to see if anything changed.
    I dont think they were enough that got in contact with the water.I will upload a pic of the cleaning magnet in question.

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