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    Removing melted plastic


    i got some hand-me-down relfectors but they have melted protective plastic on it.. i was wondering if anyone every have a quick way or removing it like putting it in oven and burning it all away haha

    any help would be great...

    i tried blow dryer and goo gone... works but extremely slow and painfull process...

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    well.. a solvent like goof off or maybe the solvent used for playing around acrylic would work ? if not, maybe try WD40 degreaser.. its been known to eat plastic chims and stuff like that. but i'm sure goof off might work. Be very VERY carefull when using this product.. its dangerous around pregnant womens so use it outside your house and wear gloves, etc. ( thats how i cleaned silicone from my current tank when i screwed up.. )
    try it on a little piece first to make sure it doesn't eat right through the material.
    also.. just thought about that.. maybe the solvent you use before applying pvc glue.. that stuff is nasty too. and it melts pvc in seconds!

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    Try acetone or Methylene Chloride.

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    goof off similar to goo gone? i thought it was... gets the residue off but didnt actually eat the plastics.. ill try some of the other st uff though thanks

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    Try using a heat gun. Always works for me but you must be very careful with it since it will melt the shield too if applied to one spot too long.
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