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Thread: Skimmer repair

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    Skimmer repair

    Ok I got a cracked skimmer that I want to fix. And if you think you know the model of this skimmer let me know.. It looks like a superskimmer but its not.

    What kinds of glue can I use with out problem?

    Crazy Glue - safe
    Epoxy, (2 tube stuff)?
    Marine epoxy stick (dont think id use this)
    I can't find weldon for acrylic... does anyone know what name it would be in quebec? or brand. I checked Reno, Rona.. nothing.

    It won't be in sump, I need to hang it. I will be overdosing on glue to make sure it doesnt pop off... but any ideas on better method?
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    If its acrylic? then methylene chloride is what you are looking for. You have a lot of work to do cleaning up that egde. And I don't think you will be able to produce a joint that will hold in a hang on situation. I would't suggest running it oputside of a sump, for the obvious reason of leakage. Which by the look of the damage is almost a certainty (ie no amount of glue is going to do).
    Good luck

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    You really dont think it can hold ?
    The best I can do is to have it actually sit on a stool rather than completely suspended from the tank.

    I'll try something and well see how it goes.
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    Yeah, once you get the basic bond with MCl you might need to cover it over with Weldon 16 or two part 40. Then I'd be inclined to add some extra support with some pieces of PVC or Acrylic bonded across the crack line.

    But, whether it will even hold water, let alone support the weight, I don't know. It might only be useful in sump.
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    Heya Flip,

    That's a Pacific Coast PS-350 skimmer.

    Like the Coralife Superskimmer, it is made from injection molded plastic. You should be able to fix that with Superglue.

    Hope that helps,
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    scoreeeee crapppp!

    I already glued it... did a pretty good job too. then I saw in the photo there are suppose to be 2nozzles inside the skimmer.. yea I didnt HAVE that...

    I had to break my seam of 2 crazy glue tubes worth and made the crack even worse!

    but thanks b/c i was going to epoxy it tomorrow
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