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    DIY Wave and Lighting unit

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if any one would like to suggest options for a computer controled lighting and wave maker. I built a unit to perform both via my PC either over the network or a local PC (Basically one next to my tank).

    Any way I was wondering if any one has had some issues that they would like to see resolved in a wave or lighting controller or just neat features.

    Let me know your ideas are all welcome.



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    Yup, I think aqualife needs to redo their digital light controller... It should have ATLEAST 3 outputs for daytime lighting (indepent metal halide bulb timing and independent actinic timing)... Their fixtures comes with the bulbs all on their own seperate cords, for indepened timing, so their all in one timer should be able to fully control this to it's maximum potentional. It should have 3/4 settings to independently shut off the 3/4 of the daytime lights within 10-45 minutes of eachother to simulate a gradual sunset, as oppose to just a sudden slam into moonlighting. The refugium/moonlighting seems fine as it is, by the way in which is automatically comes on when the daytime ones are off. and vice versa. But they should have a more sophistcated setup for the daytime lighting built into this powerbar. They can make a new model and call it their pro series lighting timer or something.. We should not have to purchase many seperate timers when one system is capable of doing all this.

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    The system I have built has 4 sets of outlets with a normally closed outlet and normally open outlet. So 8 outlets in total but only control over one of the two in a set.

    This was ideal for say a moon light never being on when a blue daylight was. Or when controlling my power head back and forth. I cycle between left side and right side so never having the two on at the same time.

    But my system allows for you to control each set independently so you get 4 outlets. As well each can be either for lighting or power heads.

    I hope this makes sense.

    I will keep this all in mind.

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