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    LF: Need to Drill 125 Gallons

    Hi guys,
    Does anyone drill tanks? and what size of mesh do you have and how much do you charge for 2-3 holes... Overflow + Input...

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    Hey Mike, I've heard that OSD can usually do it but you have to get the tank to his place. Liv does it too but he'll also come to your house to drill if you want/need.
    I'll be drilling my tank very shortly...
    65g - 80lbs LR - 4x36" 39W T5 HOs (2x10000K,2xActinics) - CSS125 - 25g sump - Mag 7 return - Blueline SD-1100 Closed Loop with OM Squirt * 2x Amphiprion ocellaris - 1x Paracanthurus hepatus - 1x Zebrasoma flavescens
    29g - with stuff ;-)
    Coming Soon - 120g with more stuff

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    Nice, Hope to hear good news about your tank, I Will need to drill my 125 gallons and someone that I Know needs to drill his too :speedbana , Let the project begin :biglaugh2 hehe.

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    Hi Mike,
    I can drill your tank. pm me for details.

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    Liv is the man for the job.

    He drilled two tanks of mine in the past 2months and the holes were perfect!
    Click For Pictures

    90g AGA Reef Ready bare bottom with 100lb of cooked Hatian LR, 40g breeder sump, Mag9.5 pump, Coralife 48" Auqualight Pro, Euro-Reef RS135, Sequence Barracuda pump, SpectraPure Maxcap RO/DI

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    Both Rob and liv have drilled tanks for me. Either one will do a great job

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    Perfect thanks for the help guys, Liv I'll pm you as soon as I Have the tank ready to drill and my friend has his too .

    Thanks Alot

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