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Thread: Where to drill

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    Where to drill

    Hello everyone. I have my 65g tank (36"w x 18"d x 24"h) which I'm almost ready to place on it's in-wall stand.

    I plan on having a sump underneath. I want to have two overflows of the 90 degree elbow type that OSD describes. I'll most likely do an over tank return from the sump.

    I also want a close loop so that I don't have the powerheads in my tank.

    Here are the big questions. Where do I drill my holes? How far from the top and the edges? Should I consider having my close loop output on the side panel(s)?

    Your suggestions are appreciated.
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    Exact right placement is nearly impossible to predict, your specific rock work will affect the way water will flow, however, ...

    For the OSD type drain, you should probably aim to have your drain holes 4.5-5" below the trim.

    For the closed loop, you want to help induce a top bottom turn over. So, either place your intake low and the return high, or vise versa. What I have is two 1" bulkheads about 8" from the bottom, equally spaced on the back. My returns are over the top to two Ocean's Motions Revolutions. My sides are exposed, so, having a Jacuzzi nozzle for the return from the closed loop wouldn't work. But, if you are in wall, I would suggest that route.
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