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    Building a custom sized glass tank myself...

    Thinking about building a small custom glass tank.

    The dimensions I need are 30"W x 18"D x 20"H.

    This works out to approx. 47 gallons and will fit on the same stand that I had my 29G on a year ago.

    I talked to a couple glass shops and by far the least expensive was Mississippi Glass in Carleton Place. 1/2" will cost $12.50/ sq. ft. or 3/8" around $9.50/ sq. ft. Polishing costs $0.15 / linear inch. For a tank this size, I know I could do it with 3/8" but would I be better with 1/2"? Should I use eurobracing? What type of silicone would be best to use?

    Anyone out there built a tank lately that can help me? Do the sides, front, and back sit on top of the bottom pane or surround it?

    Every bit of help is very much appreciated!

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    You definately don't need 1/2 glass for a tank that is 30" wide and 20" tall. I built a tank years ago that was 24" wide by 30" tall and I only used 1/4" glass without any problems. I wouldn't waste any money on 1/2", go with 3/8".
    I re-built my tank using Home Hardware brand silicone. You can buy tubes individually or in 3 tube "bulk pack" - It states on the tube that it's safe for aquarium use. Make sure that you clean your glass very well with rubbing alcohol or acetone (same ingredient as nail polish remover). Acetone is probably better but make sure you use it in a well ventilated area.
    Glass on top or on the sides of the bottom glass...this is debatable but with your dimentions, I would put the glass on top of the bottom pane. Eurobrace is not necessary on a tank 30" wide in my opinion.
    It's often cheaper to buy a pre-built tank than to build it yourself but you're limited on dimentions. If you decide to build it yourelf, it's not hard. the main thing is to make sure that the edges that will be siliconed together be clean (no finger prints).


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    I did a 30g tank 3 years ago out of glass I got from a friend that was changing his windows. Used DAP 100% silicone from Walmart. My 30g cost me 4$ (for the silicone). Go to your LFS and look at a tank with the hight you want, mesure the thikness of the glass they use.
    P.S. I'm french so I never make any typos......they are actual mistakes :sorry:
    I'm not in a rush.....but I am on a budget! :bigcry:

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    I would use the 3/8 thick glass. As for silicone you want the professional black type. It provides a very strong bond and begins to cure in about 5 minutes, making it easier and harder to work with. I don't know where to get it around your neck of the woods, but Ian at (London) is where I got mine from.

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