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    Custom 45G Tank (Opinions Wanted)


    Here is a pic I quickly drew up to show my new tank design. Just want to make sure before I order the glass that this will hold water and what people think in general.

    It will be made from 3/8" glass which I know is overkill for this size of tank but I want it to be very sturdy. It will be eurobraced across the front edge and from front to back attaching the front/back/side edges... the back edge will be left free of eurobracing to allow access to the internal overflow.

    For all this glass to be cut and polished on the edges that are free to touching, it will cost me about $350 after taxes. I know this is expensive for a 45G tank but I need a custom size for a stand that I spent forever building for a 29G and would like to have the 18" front to back using the same stand and do not like the Perfecto 56G column because it is too tall (24" height).


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    I think the dimensions look fine, and 3/8 is the way to go. What are you doing for drilling?

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    I think I will drill the back top center for the overflow to save real estate near the bottom of the tank and then either have one return on one side or I don't know really what would be best...

    Any suggestions?

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