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Thread: Black Vinyl??

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    Black Vinyl??

    anyone know where in Ottawa sells black vinyl with an adhesive backing?


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    Are you talking about car tint? If so check out Canadian tire.
    Mike Philpott

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    The sign shop is only opten 9-5 mon-fri thou.

    Name Loomis Art Store #28
    Address 499 Bank St, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1Z2, Canada
    Telephone (613) 238-3303
    Click For Pictures

    90g AGA Reef Ready bare bottom with 100lb of cooked Hatian LR, 40g breeder sump, Mag9.5 pump, Coralife 48" Auqualight Pro, Euro-Reef RS135, Sequence Barracuda pump, SpectraPure Maxcap RO/DI

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    thanks guys, looking for black vinyl adhesive similar to mac-tac but prefer something a little heavier and not paper thin.

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    Try Canus Plastics (downtown Ottawa). They have many different thicknesses and sizes. For adhesive backing, just get some heavy velcro tape from Home Depot. I have a similar set-up on my tank and its great.

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    this time around its actually for an arcade control panel resto Need a flexible product but with some durability too. The contact paper (mactack) is a little too thin unless i want to go over it with lexan for protection. Can't seem to find plain black mactack contact paper anyways

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