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    Whats your trick to glue LR together ?

    I'm having quite a bit of fun trying to attach some LR together ( securing it together in bigger pieces ) to make mountains & large caves. I do not have 3 feet on top of the tank to get the rock in and out so it has to be done in the tank with water.

    I tried super glue and the usual aquarium epoxy paste... what else is out there ?
    I was thinking of drilling and inserting acrylic rods in the rock.

    anybody has experience with this ?.. whats your trick ?

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    you're probably best to try drilling it and using pegs with an epoxy/glue; if it can't be done dry. I don't think there's any truly good underwater epoxy's out there from what I've tried. I was always very skeptical of a glue being any good at holding a wet, slimy rock together... It didn't surprise me when it didn't work that great when I tried it. It just isn't really possible to get a truly good bond without it being dry and clean. That's my opinion.

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    Another method is electrical zip ties.

    They apparently only last a few years.

    I, myself just stack the rock as so it doesn't fall.
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    Like steve said. Zap Straps. By the time they wear out hopefully coralline will grow the rock together.
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    encrusting sps corals are THE best bonding agent I just had a hell of a time ripping my rock out..

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    he he... ya.. needs a chizel and a hammer.
    I am trying to stack it up to form huge bolders with holes right through it.
    i'll most likely start drilling it instead.

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    Hot glue gun works as well. But not in your situation. You have to be able to pat the rock dry first. Plus dropping the glue gun in salt water will give you a new hair-do...

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