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Thread: DIY Background

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    DIY Background

    I found this link surfing the web... do you think this would be ok in a saltwater setup?


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    very cool setup. that would be so good if its possible for salt setup, save so much on rocks

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    That looks really cool. I do have 2 concerns though:
    1. not needing much 'live rock' (hey, a cost savings....), but wouldn't that cut down on the amount of filtration?
    2. didn't like the idea of having to paint it...even though it does mention 'non-toxic'.

    For a reef tank, I don't think so. But like I mentioned first, it does look really cool.
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    I think it looks cool but would only use that method in a large tank 190 plus gallons otherwise its just takes up too much valuable space that could be used for live rock and or layout of the tank. Not to sure about the concrete and pigment used either.

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    I would never put some Styrophome in a Saltwater aquarium. Styrophome is really Toxic and with the Salt it could do some kind of reaction... Also the Paint would last in a Fresh water Tank but never in a Saltwater... with the Hermits... Snails... Fish... Urchins you will have the paint will get eaten and could poison your live stock.
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    very cool for sure.. not sure its SW safe... but you might want to copy on what he did with real rocks.. slice them up, and glue them on the wall with epoxy.

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    I've also seens some tanks with those round shore colored pebbles, that the guy had glued to the back glass.. it looked really good.

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    Have you considered using the DIY oyster shells rockwork? There is the newer method using the Quick Plug Hydraulic Cements. They do not have the same high PH as standard cement and as such do not require the curing time.
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    some reefers are using eggcrate and pondfoam with amazing results. you can stick pieces of shell and stuff like that in the foam to give it even more texture. I think even one of the TOTM on RC uses that foam background.
    will be trying it myself later on.

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