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    help with sump/refuge design

    here is a basic idea of what i want. it will be connected to approx 50 gal tank. i know i will need something to get a decent flow. also wondering what the best way to move water from section to section is? what can be housed in the refuge? what supplies will i need to do this and approx what rating? thats all that i can think about right now

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    That's a lot of questions :b15:

    Lets start with your sump drawing. I don't quite follow your plans, where does the water enter into the sump? Where does it leave? Where do you plan the fuge in your drawing? If you do a search here there are many different designs as well as Melv's site.

    For the fuge portion the normal contents would include, Cheato, LiveRock, sand bed (DSB or SSB), and a 5700-6500k light. As for rating there is no rating a fuge, small is usefull, bigger is better. It is meant to give space for pods (and other critters) a safe place to multiply and to grow cheato to help remove nutrients from the water and ballance the PH swings.
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    the plan

    the idea is to have the water enter into the skimmer then into the large area which is the fuge then to the heaters then coolers then the sump for return.

    does the skimmer, cooler and heaters need a certain amount of water to properly fuction? for the sump i guess it depends on the rating?

    i would like to keep the basic design because it will be mounted to the side of my display so you only see the fuge(if possible). it will be a 65 gal tank with a 25-30 gal fuge if that helps

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