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Thread: Easy Manifold

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    Easy Manifold

    bought this Gardena watering manifold to supply some of my "add-ons" (phosban/chemi pure reactors and protein skimmer). I got so tired of using powerheads that took space in my sump.

    Tapped into the return line to the tank and added the manifold.
    This manifold worked great because it allows micro adjustmnents easily.
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    Thats great looking. And simple. All i'm thinking is going hog wild on it and adding unions all over it to make it fully removable for cleaning. I'm a bit of a clean freak!! LOL
    Mike Philpott

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    Gravy. Where did you get it? How much? What do you have it hooked to? Any cavitation issues?

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    yes, very cool indeed!
    looking at the block, it looks thick enough to be modified. ( I was thinking that it could be re-tapped to fit NTP stuff like regular pvc instead of gardening threads. )

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