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    computer fans wiring

    Hello all
    I know many people have done with and I am going to be going to MH in the next fews weeks and I want to install some computer fans in the canopy. I was at radio shack and looking at the fans, I am wondering on wiring them up to be able to plug into a normal plug. Can any body tell me how this did this and what they used.


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    Sure can!

    Get 12 Volt Fans! and then use a old Any 12 Volt plug from a old Phone Charger, computer speaker plug.. anything rated at the 12 volts.. should work.. thats what i use.. and then just wire the 2 wires from the fan to the 2 wires on the plug and plug it in..

    What i do is use a extention bar and plug the fans and halides into it and then plug that powerbar into the timmer.. So the fans come on the same time as the halides.. and go off at the same time

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    Instead of a power adapter I use an old computer power supply. With one plug you can hook up at least a dozen fans with no power loss to any of them. I also use the prossesor fan/heats sink combos for on the ballasts.

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    If you really want to buy the radioshack fans, get the 120v ones that are quietish, 38db, or something. They are 34$.

    The only problem is they won't last if they blow out. Lasted me less than a year. I warranty exchanged them, I'll see how long they last blowing in.

    If you search on the site, there are better fans you can get that have been recommended. Toyo or what not? Can't recall. Orion is another.

    If you want cheap cheap, and use 12v, etc. go to Princess Auto and get cheap fans and powersupplies (or adapters).
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    I agree..

    Dont have your fans blowing out.. You they just die faster.. and they do not do much for the tank...

    By blowing out you are removing some of the warmer Air, but the water is still too warm.. lol, By having the fans blowing in you are blowing the air over the water surface distrubing the water surface cauing the water Evaporation witch is what will cool off your water..

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    Agreed Fishysan,

    I myself use the 120vac RadioShack fans and they are real quiet... after all they're in the family room.... and they blow in.
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    If you check this thread, you'll find a diagram for a nice little control circuit to make your fans adjustable and variable speed based on temperature. Everything is from Radio Shack and it adds up to about $10.

    I use this circuit to control my 12V fans and I love it. I can adjust the speed with a knob and they turn themselves off or go into a slow idle when the lights go off.


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