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    I have been looking and calling around and cant find any Weld-on. Could someone from the Montreal area let me know if there is a place to get this, I am looking for Weld-on #3,4,16 Adhesives.

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    Call a plastics shop. They will usually be able to get you a small bottle or tell you where to buy. Not necessarily weld on though.

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    A plastics store is your best bet. Weld On is a brand name but most plastics places use the base ingredient Methylene Chloride. It works great for adhering two tight fiting pieces as it is watery and when applied along the seam it "wicks" into the seam. I have used it for all my acrylic work. Weldon is good for "patching" a spot because you can get the Weldon16 which is a thicker mixture and won't run as much.
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    i agree, look in the yellow pages under plastics or sign makers. they may not have weld-on but they will have a similar product. i would stay away from the #3 because you don't get much working time, the #4 gives you just enough time to get everything just right before it sets up. you can also make up some #16 by using the #4 with some acrylic chips but you don't get much working time. i still have a few tubes of #16 but it probably wouldn't be worth the $$ to ship it when you can pick it up local.

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