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Thread: Rigid Tubing

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    Rigid Tubing

    Reading this thread reminded me that I have not yet gotten around to setting up my back-up plan in case of power outage. I have a couple of these:

    What I want to do is attach the airstones to some rigid tubing and put one in each corner of the tank. I'd attach the actual units outside the tank on the back with some double sided tape.

    Where can I find some rigid tubing to attach to the airstones? Don't answer Big Al's cause I've already looked in both stores and they either don't carry small enough diameter, or never bother re-stocking.

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    Ever try some 1/4" od rigid line that you use on an RO/DI?

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    If you can't find ridged tubing use air line.

    The air stone will weight down the air line.It just important you get the oxygen into your system with whatever you use.
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    Rigid air line tubing is pretty common, try some of the other LFS's near you, even the "Mom and Pop" places should carry it.

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