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    My custom Made Glass Sump!

    Alright Guys!

    So the Sump i made out of an old 36 inch tank did not fit!!! So i had to resort to this..

    its a 2 stage Sump.. Basicly i will have a 25G tank and then a 20G tank sitting slightly higher as its shorter.. lol, and the tank will drain into tank 1.. where i will have my skimmer as well.. then the water will drain off into tank 2 where it will be baffeled to prevent the bubbles.. and in tank 2 is where i will house my 2 Return pumps ( Submersied in sump ) and i have a hole drilled for my return pump( Inline )

    this was all done by me.. : Expect for the tanks as they are just old ones.. lol, I made the Glass Baffels and drilled the holes myself!

    So this the tank 2.. bottom tank with the hole drilled and adapters installed for the return pump!

    And here is tank 1.. with the 3 holes drilled.. I only had a 1 inch Drill bit.. they are sooooo expensive.. so i decided to just drill out 3 holes instead of buying a new one .

    And then here it is with the adapters installed.. I will have Elbows on them leading into the bottom tank!

    These are the adapters that i made.. Just used PVC one female and a Male fitting.. and then took a rubber washer and cut it to size.. total fitting unit was like $2.25

    Next im just cutting my Glass Baffels and going to silcone them into the tanks.. and will update them later!

    So what do you all think


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    what no comments? no Critizisum. ?

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    Silence is golden .... : that's why you're toooo loud!!!

    Looks great, need more pics when in operation to see how it all looks when assembled and running...
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    Well I think it looks great...would love to see pics of it when it's hooked up and in action. Keep us posted

    The only thing two reef keepers will agree on, is what the third reef keeper is doing wrong!

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