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    How to hookup the Maxi Jet Mod in the tank

    I have been running my Sure Flow MJ900 Mod attached from the top of the tank and would like to have a flexibility of where I like to keep it for better smoother flow.

    Question is how should I hook it or attach it to Magnet without glue, as I can't take a chance on glue failing and letting it create sand storm.

    Any and all Ideas are welcome. Thanks
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    your mod kit should have come with attachments for you to use with the suction cup holder, as well as for use with the sure grip magnets. Do you have a picture of how you have your maxi jet in the tank?

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    i like the sure grip magnetic power head holders, you can check them out on their website.

    i have them on my Seio 1500's and they have never budged an inch. you can probably order them online, i picked mine up at the ORG.

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