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    RO Setup issues? - aquasafe MaximusII RO/DI

    We bought this unit (not the best I know).
    Pressure in the house is at 20.
    I just ordered the aquatec 8800 RO Booster for 100gpd units.
    The tranformer came with it, and the pressure switch ordered as well.
    We plan on setting it up in a collection bin - not auto top offs or in the pressure tank.
    Well water
    I plan on adding a presediment filter and setting it up to use softened water.
    I hear the aquasafe's are a nightmare to set up.
    Inline pressure meter.
    I also paid for pipe connectors - can't remember the name of it/them.

    Do any of you have any experience. Is there any advice you can offer to make this a non nightmare setup. I'd rather research snags before we hit them and I expect it will take most of the day to set up.

    Any advice would be amazing. Thank you.


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    well i think you will be ok. Its pretty straight forward but if you need help post and we will reply! all the best


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    Ok thanks. My husband isn't the most patient person so I'm hoping for the best. Chances are he won't wait for me to post for help during a problem AND wait for a reply.

    Online it says the instructions aren't very clear and people vent a lot. I'll try and find posts that detail the problems relate to specifically.


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