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    Solved my Hot air issues!

    So my tank is located in my basement.. in a semi finished room and i was fine with the old 30g.. but now this 100g.. just heats the place up way too much..

    So i installed this.. Its a 70 CFM ( in know its low.. but i have no cash and it was all i could afford ) Bathroom fan.. and i have it connected to a Extention cord ( heavy duty Tool replacement cord) and its plugged into the Powerbar that has all the lights on it plugged into the timmer.. So that it will only come on during the day sucking the hot air out and its plumbed ( not sure the terminiology ) right into my Drier vent.. the hole is in the wall about 5 feet from where i installed the vent!..

    Amazing.. after about 20 mins of running my Basement started to feel cooler!

    Now becouse of the cost it is one of the louder units.. it was only $25 bucks.. and it runs at it says 5.5 sans??? not sure.. but the more expesnive ones ... Ones that run around $150 where as low as like .5 Sans.. but its not too bad!

    Here are some pictures!


    When i get my new house and get my 300G.. going.. Im installing one of these babaies right into the canopy!

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    Gee and I thought the title meant you were gonna cut down on your posts Mike ....LOL.. : ....just kidding, keep up the great work!
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    no no .. Van..

    When you see the post titled " The BS is over" then you know i gone and started to move my Pile of BS to another board

    other than This bathroom fan is working well.. brought the temp in my basement from 78" down to 73" be surprised how much of a difference 5 degrees makes!

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    A friend of mine runs 2 400 watt and 6 vho lights over his tank...his basement was like the rainforest with humidity and heat..what he did was run flexible duct from a seiling fan like you have and connected it right the the exhaust fan on the side of his canopy. Now he has one fan drawing in, and one drawing out into the ceiling fan. Its a solid canopy. Now his basement feels like the rest of his house, and he also dropped 6 degrees in the room.

    The only thing two reef keepers will agree on, is what the third reef keeper is doing wrong!

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    While that fan is fine for the moment, you might want to look into getting one of these puppies for your next setup ( or your new house). These fans are dead silent and are designed to be run 24/7 if need be. They are also good for all kinds of environments including the salty atmosphere of our tanks. They can be imstalled in any position or angle too. I have one of these and will be installing it in my canopy when I upgrade my tank. It will vent satright up through the roof & attic.
    Bathroom fans such as the one you have installed now is not meant to be run in a salty environment nor to be run all day long everyday.
    Obviously these are more expensive but well worth it. You might wanna put these in your plans, JMO.

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    Oh yea...

    I got a nice Blower motor comming for the new Getting nice 1200 CFM Blower Fan..

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