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    Internal overflow/drain box question...

    I just want to know if the size of the box matters?
    I'm aware that i have to leave enough space inside for the 90 degree elbow that screw in the bulkhead.
    My drain is 1 1/2" in the centre of the tank at about 4"-5" from the top.

    I went to MS today as my dad bought his box from them.Unfortunatly,they dont sell them anymore and i was referred to Canus...

    Since i'll have to make my own i just wanted to make sure of the size.

    Thanks for any help!
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    The size of the box isn't significant. The key is that your circumference of the box is as large as possible. The higher the flow rate (return pump) the thicker the layer of water that drains to your sump. There's a "Drain/Overflow" calculator on Reef Central that will provide you a recommendation. e.g. for 600 GPH, you want a circumference of 9" and a 1.01" drain pipe. Since the MS style box is tight against the back of the tank (and maybe even one side) you only add up the sides exposed to flow, i.e. two sides if in a corner, three sides if away from a corner.

    Most of the pollutants (oils, etc.) will reside on the very top surface of your water. By minimizing the thickness of that layer of water, you move more of the pollutants to the sump where your skimmer, refugium, etc. will get rid of them.

    Clearing the pollutants off the surface, you also improve your gas exchange at the air/water surface.
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    make it large enough so that your hand will easily fit inside to fix it or clean it

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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    Well it looks like it's gonna be 7 1/4"high 7"wide 3 3/4" deep.
    That size allows me easy access to put the elbow on and clean it as need be.
    I'll get it made of acrylic,side,bottom and back will be clear and the front black.
    I'll post pics once i get it.
    10gal. Freshwater "Guppies"
    37gal Oceanic Saltwater Reef (in the work)
    125gal. Saltwater "Reef" (Shared tank with my

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    I made mine 6x9x4. black acrylic. no teeth. Works great.

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