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    mounting icecap endcaps

    quick question, how did you mount your icecap endcaps. the ones i have just have two small screws in the bottom that are at the most 3/8 inches long.

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    you need the setoff plates. They don't cost much and usually can be bought were you get your endcaps. Or, you can make them out of wood or acrylic.

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    Same thing happened to me Barry. I thought I was all ready to set up my lighitng but then discovered I needed the extra parts and ended up having to order away for them. If you want to DIY stop by and take a peek at what they are supposed to do if you like.

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    Hope this helps... a few pieces of scrap acrylic and your all set.

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    This might not be the best way to do it :P, but I found myself in the same situation . So I decided to drill two holes in the back of the endcaps, and screwed them directly to my canopy. Can't see the holes/screws and works great.

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