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    moving to a new stand

    I have a cheap particle board stand for my aquarium, which got wet and I have noticed it is rotting. I want to purchase a new stand that is strong but is there anyway I can move the aquarium without draining most of the water? It's a 29 gallon tank, I was hoping to find a stand that is similar in height and drain a bit of water, then basically slide it onto the new stand. Would that work? any input or help would be appreciated!
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    Depends on how strong you are. It would be good to have another hand in helping you move it. I've carried around my 12 gallons eclipse full of water without too much difficulty, but this was a one piece acrylic tank. Your tanks contents will probably make it weigh around 240 lbs, plus the weight of the glass. You don't want to put undue stress on the tank by moving it with it being heavy full of stuff. You'll want as much water out of that tank as possible when you move it. When it's ready to be moved, have some 5 gallon pails ready to siphon out as much of the water as you can. The corals can handle being out of water for a brief amount of time. Once you get the tank properly placed on the new stand, put the water back in.
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    bad idea to move it filled up
    drain all the water for 5min, move it, fill it up.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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