I've looked around and read that Krylon Fusion is safe to go on objects in the tank.

However before reading this I painted the background (on the outside of the tank) with Krylon H2O Latex paint.

Now I built a DIY overflow and want to paint it to blend in with the background but I'm having trouble finding out if this paint is reef safe. Along with the Krylon Fusion, I have heard that any 100% latex paint is safe. The paint I used is 100% acrylic latex.. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.. especially with some tanks being made out of acrylic this may be a stupid question.. :b10:

Here is a link to the manufacturer's description:

I've read that I could also just apply epoxy paint or polyurethane coats over top just in case, but I'd like to avoid this little hassle if possible..