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Thread: canopy material

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    canopy material

    for those that have built canopies, was wondering if you recommend using pine or popler or some other material? and what kind of wood treatment is necessary?


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    My stand and canopy is HD fiber board with Birch veneer on it. I put 3 coats of water based FLECTO Varathane on it and it is holding up well after 12 years. I would use it again without a 2nd guess on whatever kind of Wood you use.

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    Mine is framed with pine. Then I closed it in with thin cheap plywood and covered with Formica. Works great, easy to clean, not too heavy and looks good.

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    It really seems to be a matter of taste.... secret is to make it moisture-proof to prevent warpage.... :
    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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