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Thread: Overflow ????

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    Overflow ????

    I just found some acrylic on sale and it's 3/16. Is this too thin for an overflow and baffles in a sump?

    Any help apprciated!

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    Try talking to harley or go to his web site im sure your could contact him easily.He can tell you everything you want on acrylic.

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    Cool ACRYLIC

    3/16'' IS WAY THIN! I wouldn't trust it at all and its hard to work with.maybe 3/8'' or 1/4'' would be stronger

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    3/16" can be used for overflow but anything less then " for baffles in a sump is asking for a trouble.
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    I agree with up above. The reason is because the pressure of the water will flex the acrylic and eventually it will become warped and simply unglue from the sides.

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    if the baffles are simply to eliminate bubbles and the water is the same level on both sides you could use 1/16 acrylic, there is no pressure, how big a sump are you planning on putting them in, and where?
    sump pics


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