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    the problem with 802's

    i've lost livestock in the past to these power heads, most recently a sailfin blenny. The darn power heads are to big and the strainers, well forget them, just too huge. The livestock gets caught in the intake. Well, i've got 2 802's, and short of buying another 2 maxijets 1200's, I came up with this solution.
    i took the strainer tube, and cut off the first 2.5 inches with a drywall knife. The top still screws onto the cylinder part, nice and snug, and by overlapping the bottom of the 2.5 inch barrel a bit, i can cram it into the bottom end cap. the whole thing is about 3", maybe less. I left 5 rows of openings. It is quite sturdy, considering no glue used, and secures to the power head in the usual fashion. Looks great and I think it will work just fine. time will tell. Just one day too late for my poor blenny. But, the next one.....
    (necessity is the mother of bastardism) ha,ha.

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    Re: the problem with 802's

    I agree salty.. those things are way to big... I had a couple in my main tank for a while... just lately got rid of them and went with 2 maxi 1200's.  The strainer on them are extremely small... yet no problem with any of my livestock getting stuck.... yet..."knock knock"


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