Here is a small DIY project Kenzy wrote on another board. *I asked him if it was ok to bring his thread over here. *Thanks Kenzy.

I took a part a couple Radio shack fans this weekend and it's dirt simple to fix these things up to work like new.

1. There are 3 little screws that hold it together that are under the front sticker. Rub your thumb nail over the sticker about 1/4" out from the center to find the indentations. With a sharp knife cut out the indentations to reveal the screw heads. Take a small Philips screw driver and remove the screws, becareful not to strip the heads because they are in there pretty tight from the factory.

2. Gently pull on the wires to give yourself a little working room. You will see a small "c" type clip holding the shaft to the motor. Carefully pry this off with another small screw driver. Now there should be a small washer, an "o" ring, and then another small washer. Don't lose these small pieces.

3. Remove the fan blade and clean up the shaft, I used some WD-40 and a rag, both on the fan blade shaft and inside the motor. If the fan blade itself is dirty or rusty, now is the time to clean it or even sand and repaint it.

4. Now it's just a matter of greasing up the fan blade shaft and re-assembling everything. I would stay away from using WD-40 for a lubricant and use something like a light oil or grease. I used a 3 in 1 oil on one and a bearing grease on the other without any problems. Just remember a little will go a long ways so don't over do it on the lube and risk any leaks. I never had anything leak, but it would be wise to bench test the fan for couple of hours just in case.

5. To put the shaft back, on put the small washer on first, then the O ring, then the other washer and finally the little c clip. to put the c clip on you should be able to push it on with just your thumb nails. Once thats done gently snug up the wires that were loosened off and put the screws back in by getting each of them started then tightening them all down.

It might sound harder than it is, but the first time you do it, it should take about 10 minutes, the next time less than 5 minutes. It's really that easy.