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    Coralife EndCap Help

    Has anyone worked witht the Coralife VHO kit endcaps?

    What I'm trying to understand is how to remove the two wires going into the endcap so that they can be threaded back thru the standoff (and then back into the cap) for mounting. I've stared at the cap for days (not really, a few minutes though) and can't figure out how to get to the wires to release them. Essentially, the problem is the "part that holds" the tubes covers the access to the back of the cap to get to the how do I get that "part" out of way (without breaking anything)?

    Can anyone advise on this one?
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    I do not know the brand of end caps I got from Ivan, but to remove the wires on mine, I used one of those small screw drivers for watches with the flat head and went in the plastic opening beside the wire.. it released it. took 30secs.

    but we might be looking at different caps...

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    they are different but I'm sure the wires release the same way liv explained above... sorry I can't be of anymore help.


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