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    any good lfs in st.petersburg florida

    im going there for the month of july.

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    Try this one

    Tampa Bay saltwater

    Seascape Aquarium in Sarasota, just 45m S of St Pete.

    Also another favorite of mine Boardroom aquatics, they don't have a web page, however worth the drive down to Ft Myers. The last time I went there, they still had the same staff as they had back in the mid 90's. It's a small shop, but they carry most everything your heart would love to bring back to Canada.

    Stay away from a shop in Pt. Charlotte. Yes this shop has a lot of nice things, I just don't like the owner or his way of doing busisness. I have know the owner for 16+ years.

    I am leaving here for Punta Gorda the end of June, for a but 1 week. just long enough to visit my family w/o getting sick of them

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    Also try this link

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