Hey all,

I'm in the planning stages of building another nano tank & I would love some feed back.

The plan is to have an overall size of about 16x16x16 (about 17 gallons) The dimensions aren't firm, but the overall appearance is to be very close to a cube without the canopy.

This is going to live on one of my desks beside a 20" monitor & be about the same size as the 20" monitor. What I'm aiming for is a tank that's viewable from 3 sides.

The side facing the monitor will be a built in fuge, mostly to hide powerheads, heater, maybe a tiny skimmer, and a small area for macro & other creepy crawlies.

I'd like this 2-3 inches to not be visible, so here's the first decision point:

1) Make the large structure out of glass & insert an acrylic divider cut at the top like an overflow box, add baffles & plumb up the power heads through the acrylic, then paint the glass around the area I want hidden.

2) Make the entire thing out of acrylic, but use solid coloured plastic for the back end. In effect, join 2 "boxes" together to make the tank.

3) Stay with acrylic but make the tank, then do the insert as if it were option #1. Either line the inside with thin pieces so you can't see into it, or paint the areas I don't want to see.

From my research so far, I'm going to need a minimum of 1/4" regardless of the material I use. Does that sound right?

Suggestions / tips?

Thanks in advance!