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    Refugium and Skimmer setup comments and ideas

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning on building a refugium/sump for my new 90gal FOWLR and was just wondering what everyone thought of this setup and if you had any ideas and suggestions on how to make this better. Also should I add bioballs to this setup since This will be fish only and they eat alote and am trying to reduce organic waste. Also should I use a 20 or 30gal refugium for this setup and what type of pump should I use.

    Thank You

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    from what i can see on the drawing you have to much space on the skimmer compartment, you should try to maximaze you space to get a bigger refugium

    i just start on my sump (finally) and this is what i did

    it should be ready this week i will post pics

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    There's quite a few different designs on sumps...that's one pretty traditional - close to the one that Harley built for me.

    IMO, the bioballs wouldn't be necessary, a good skimmer will reduce a lot of waste. There's quite a bit of writing on bioballs being nitrate factory's and the negative side effects. Here's an example:

    The live rock (once cured/cycled) will naturally handle the load (as long as you're not overstocking).
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    Oh...with regard to what size sump. The bigger the much space/cash to you have for the sump?
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