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    Did it myself, Nano Light upgrade!


    Im proud to say that i have now upped the Lighting in our new JBJ Nano cube from the 24 watt Light that comes with it.. to 2x 32 WATT 50/50 bulbs

    I'm using the work horse 7 ballast connecting one red line to each bulb.. Remember they are electronic ballast so it only supplies what the bulbs need..

    And it working like a Charm.. went from 2 watts per gallon to 5.3 watts per gallon and liking every min of it!

    Here it is running with the old JBJ 24 watt 50/50 bulb!

    And then here she is running 2 x 50/50 Coralife 32 watt bulbs!

    The camera did not seem to pick up much of a difference.. But if you seen it in real life its a huge difference!

    and a quick shot of what the new lights look like,

    The total cost of doing this upgrade cost me Around $120 that was for the ballast, Bulbs and wireing!

    Worked well


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    it dose show a big difference in the pic !!!!!!
    Looks great!!!!!!
    DAN:yay: :yay:
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