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    "Overflow box"...

    I was thinking for my sump project and i was wondering if it would be a good idea if i use my aquaclear 300 filter to make an "overflow box" with it...

    I dont know much about sump and overflow box but here what i was thinking...

    I will pierce my aquaclear on the bottom to put and pipe that will go direclty to the costum made sump. Then it will pass through the protein skimmer (hang on...) and i will have a water pump to pump it up to the tank. In case of a lost of electricity, the aquaclear will go off as the water pump. so there wont be any desaster on the floor.

    What do you guys think, Iam far from being an expert but i think that its a good idea... because i heard that an overflow box sometimes dont work well and desaster can happen...

    i need a costum sump to put in my stand. Cant move the tank, so the only wait to put it in is the small door on the front of the stand. I have no choice to have a sump of around 8 gallons. ( 12x10x15).


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    I would not do this. You can not PUMP water from your tank to your sump and then PUMP it back to the tank. You will never get it balanced and or keep it balanced. The other issue is that if the power were to go out the aqua clear pump will go off BUT water will still flow through the unit and flood the floor because the return pump would also be off. Sumps NEED to be ONE PUMP setups so far as over flow and return part of the setup goes.

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    I don't know what a costum sump is...but I am using a 5g tank for my33g tank. Overflow is an amiracle U tube that I picked up a few years back in Fla.

    You should be able to pick up a 10g Tall at Aqua for 19 new and it will fit into your space I think. My only choice was a hex 5g that I picked up used complete for 20.

    As far as using an AC for an overflow might work, I was thinking that a U tube and a bulkhead where the motor goes might work..but a bulkhead won't wit into the AC 300.

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    That might end up being more complex than you want it to be. I've only done some looking into balancing pumps, and the best idea I read about was use floaters in the sump.

    One floater turned off the input pump if the water level got too high and the other floater turned off the return pump if the water level got too low.

    It's still (from what I've read) a reall pain to set up.

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